Apple iSlate Specs Leaked? I Say FAKE!

Apple iSlate specifications revealed

They have snaps of the most fake spec sheets I have ever seen.

Oh come on. “Mac OS X Clouded Leopard.” Srsly? Apple would use the term “Clouded”?! Puhleeze! Apple has style. If they were ever to make a Cloud version, it’d be called “Mac OS X Leopard Cloud” or “Mac OS X Leopard Cloud Edition.”

2.26GHz Intel Core Duo 2?

2GB DDR3 RAM expandable(!) to 8GB?

120GB hard drive?!!? — a hard drive in your poor imaginations!

Really, this is just silly.

11 Responses to Apple iSlate Specs Leaked? I Say FAKE!

  1. Brad Yundt says:

    Wikipedia thinks there really is such an animal as a “clouded leopard”, which they describe as being being in between big and small cats in size, at 33 to 50 pounds.

    The spec sheets may still be fakes, but not because of the word “Clouded”.

    • mikecane says:

      There may be such an animal, but the term is still against the grain of Apple’s style and I assert they would not use it.

  2. I agree, what a pile of BS that article is. If Apple were to run modified version of Mac OS on their Tablet it would never be classed as OS 10.7… And the most laughable part of that article? “Built-in projector”!!! Haha, whilst these are features I’d love to see… eventually… they are very very unlikely :)

    PhoneArena obviously don’t care about their reputation and/or are just so gullible to put such faith behind an “anonymous tipster”. Suckerrrrs!

    • mikecane says:

      After doing the post, I was informed by people who are familiar with that site that it often runs bogus crap like that. Had I known beforehand, I wouldn’t have bothered with a post of my own.

  3. PIF says:

    FWIW: There actually is a Clouded Leopard, just like there actually is Snow Leopard.

  4. Patrick says:

    1. I agree that “Cloud Leopard” doesn’t sound Apple-ish. So either it’s a code name (like “Butt-Headed Astronomer” about 10 years ago), or the whole thing is a fake.

    2. I’m not smart enough to figure out what you mean by the three paragraphs starting with “2.26 GHz” and ending with “imaginations!”. Apparently it’s obvious, but are you saying those specs are unrealistic? too high? too low?

    3. Neither “Leopard Cloud” nor “Leopard Cloud Edition” have style. Apple would probably just call it “Snow Leopard” and not worry about any confusion with the Macintosh OS. Of course, if it was Microsoft, they’d call it “Snow Leopard 7 Cloud Computing Edition, Home Premium Advanced”.

    • mikecane says:

      It’s simple electronics: that CPU would not be supported in a tablet because the battery itself would weigh too much. A battery suited for a lightweight tablet would be dissipated in less than an hour by such a CPU. A hard drive in a tablet is foolish. Everyone saw what happened with a hard drive in a PDA — the Palm LifeDrive. Which is why people like me have extracted the HD and replaced it with solid state storage (CompactFlash).

      • Badtux says:

        Dude. iPod. Just sayin’. Apple has close to a decade of experience now with putting tiny low-power hard drives into devices. While most of the iPod devices they sell now are flash-based, that decidedly was *not* true back in the beginning and they still sell the iPod Classic.

        A ULV Core 2 Duo is supportable by a small device. It’s out of netbooks’ pricepoints thus why currently only used by ULV blade servers (and the Macbook Air), but Apple sneers at price points. But not too loudly.

        • mikecane says:

          >>>Dude. iPod.

          Good catch. It’s the one time a hard drive was actually successful in a small product. I keep forgetting about it because I never owned one. If I hadn’t snagged a LifeDrive off eBay, I might have forgotten about it too.

  5. James Katt says:

    This is totally silly. These specs are for the MacBook. Obviously an Intel Core 2 Duo eats up battery time tremendously. This would force the iSlate to be at least 3 pounds in weight. Silly.

  6. Badtux says:

    Have to agree with the “it’s a fake” comment. I would expect any iSlate to have the same basic CPU specs etc. as the Macbook Air for much the same reason — to keep power usage low and form factor compact. That said, I *do* agree that it’s more likely to have a 120gb rotational storage device rather than an SSD, for the same reason that the base Macbook Air does — cost. The iSlate, if it’s real (which I personally doubt), would be intended to compete with netbooks, which means it would need to come in at a price point under $1K.

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