Will The iSlate Include Gesture Macros?

January 11, 2010

Fingerworks.com Content Pulled Ahead of Apple Tablet Announcement

The content of Fingerworks.com has been removed this week after remaining online for nearly 5 years after the acquisition of the company by Apple. The removal seems to correspond with the impending announcement of an Apple tablet later this month. One possible explanation is that Apple will finally be implementing many of the same advanced multi-touch keyboard gestures that were originally pioneered by Fingerworks.


This is the Internet, Apple. Sometimes things don’t disappear.

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Writer Harry Crews

January 11, 2010

I saw these two days ago. Been meaning to post them. Today is the day. I need them to retrieve my sanity from the IQ-crushing blithering about tech on the Internet.

Pay attention. There’s no one in tech like him.

And there needs to be!

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Another Reformed Hippie Decrying Hippedom

January 11, 2010

World Wide Mush

On the other hand, we made a huge mistake in making those contributions unpaid, and often anonymous, because those bad decisions robbed people of dignity. I am appalled that our old fantasies have become so entrenched that it’s hard to get anyone to remember that there are alternatives to a framework that isn’t working.

This guy got tons and tons of press over a decade ago.

Check your back issues of Wired magazine.

If I had told him back then that what he was advocating was suicidal bullshit that would bring down everyone, he would have laughed in my face.

But now that he has finally seen the light, he expects by virtue of his own revelation, everyone else will now wake up.

Yeah, right.

Welcome to your offspring laughing in your face now.

You made this shit. Now pay for it.

Boy Genius Report Misses Entire Point Of Android

January 11, 2010

Google Android Personal Thoughts

Some choice quotes:

There are so many fundamental issues with Android’s OS that still haven’t been addressed and it really makes my head spin.


Android doesn’t make sense as a whole.


For a company that’s so smart, and makes so much sense, it’s unbelievable how little sense Android makes in most places.


Seriously Google, you take no responsibility for the actual “experience” of this phone, yet you tout it as your tag line.

I turn your attention to two key lines from The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand:

But there’s always a purpose in nonsense. Don’t bother to examine a folly–ask yourself only what it accomplishes.

I’ve asked that question. I’ve answered that question.

What none of you are getting is this: every single thing BGR points out about Android is deliberate.

Everyone is Google’s testbed. The biggest in all of recorded history.

There’s no real Android until the test is over and Google reins it all back under their own roof, their own hardware, their own sales outlet.

Google doesn’t want Android to be excellent. Because they’d lose future billions of dollars by having to share with partners.

There is no real Android today. Only the Android folly.


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