eBook Notes For Friday October 16, 2009

October 16, 2009

German Parliament to Bulk Purchase Hanvon E-book Reader

Hanvon also welcomed some special guests on the opening day — staff from the German Parliament. They were satisfied with the quality and functionality of the Hanvon e-book reader after successful demonstrations. They plan to purchase Hanvon e-book readers in bulk for their MPs. According to Hanvon staff, the German Parliament is going to invite Hanvon sales and R&D staff to parliament to give them a detailed introduction to the e-book reader. The cooperation will be fulfilled later.

I wonder if they will actually purchase them?

Inflate that eBook Bubble, baby:

Netronix preps Cookie, Grace and Swiftie ebook readers

A Taiwanese company called Netronix has a few new ebook reader models coming that might just appeal to those that want more than the ablility to read books on their ebook reader.

Really, save your money. The way things are going you’ll be able to buy two eInk devices for US$99.00 this time next year — as failed overstock on eBay.

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Hanwang/Hanvon Starts Tablet Flood?

September 28, 2009

From JKKMobile via Twitter: Meet Hanvon multitouch tablet

Oh boy. Hanwang is a company that seems to create a new eBook device every month.

Now they’re showing a mini-tablet that runs Windows 7.

First some screensnaps, then the video:


Notice the sealed back. I see no way to replace a battery.


Power jack, On/Off, USB port.

MultiTouch — don’t get excited, watch the lag on the video.

Possibly: Audio Out, Audio In, USB port, SD card?

Hanwang/Hanvon. I guess they’re making the name easier for English speakers.

Now the video:

I’d like to get excited about this, but the price will be the thing. That and availability. At least it will be able to do eBooks via software: LIT via MS Reader, Mobi via MobiPocket Desktop, PDF via Adobe Reader/Adobe Digital Editions, etc. Although with an Atom processor, I’m not certain how successful any of that will be.

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