Paper Fetishism And eBook Prejudice — In 1987!

January 25, 2010

Let me set the history for you. In 1987, the Apple Newton was still two years away and the Palm Pilot was still nine years away.

So consider the foresight it took to have this little exchange in the third episode of Star Cops:

Chandri: You’re impressed with my library, Commander.

Spring: Yes. Yes, I am. I’m more impressed by the weight allocation it took to bring them — and all of this — from Earth. You must have friends in the freight business.

Chandri: It was all paid for, I assure you. I don’t like electronic books. Something about poetry particularly which needs to be read from the page. It dies when you put in on a viewing screen.

It takes place in the first minute in the video after the break.

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Apple Wednesday January 27, 2010 Preview

January 25, 2010

Not a timeline; an aggregation:

1) New version of iWork
– demonstrated on a conventional Mac
– later demonstrated on the iSlate/iPad
– then demonstrated on the iPhone
– digital book creation demonstrated — writers pay attention to this!

2) iSlate/iPad
– new UI demonstrated
– gaming demonstrations
– video demonstration
– eBook demonstration
– digital book demonstration — with a sample from Disney

3) iSlate/iPad dock
– with surprises

4) Apple Digital Book Store
– Children
– Young Adult
– Adult

5) New
– collaboration features via iSlate/iPad

And one hell of a surprise.

Sales for the first year of iSlate/iPod will exceed sales of all models of Macintosh combined for that year, at least in the U.S..

New eBook Blog

January 25, 2010

No, not by me. Nate the Great from Mobileread has decided to have a go at it.

Nate’s Ebook News

One place for you to go to after this blog goes dark soon.

Rumor: iSlate/iPad Is 800×600 Screen Resolution

January 25, 2010

Apple Tablet: The Second Stage Media Booster Rocket

At that Flurry post this just showed up in the Comments:

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However … if this is true, then it’s really more of a bombshell than the leaking of the resolution. Because of the Page Source at that site:

Click = big

What? The iSlate/iPad will do Flash?! I am very skeptical of this.

Frankly, I think many people would be disappointed at a screen resolution of 800×600 on a ten-inch color screen. Wouldn’t that lower the dpi level from that of the iPhone/iPod Touch?