Philip R. Cable: Make Movies That Make Money!

January 23, 2010

Make Movies That Make Money! — The Low-Budget Filmmaker’s Guide to Commercial Success by Philip R. Cable

The term “low-budget” can refer to anything from a $10 million indie flick to a student film produced on borrowed equipment with little or no money. Low budget filmmakers can range from seasoned auteurs attempting to shed the shackles of major studio control to novice talents trying to break into the industry.

Designed for would-be filmmakers of all experience levels, this book explains how to make a good, commercially successful, low-budget movie in the current multi-million dollar Hollywood climate. The purpose is not only to show how to get movies made and distributed, but also how to maximize a film’s potential for significant profit.

Written in practical, understandable terms, the book covers everything from commercially viable genres to the most efficient film and video formats, along with tips on hiring stars, pursuing investors, distributing and marketing a film, and keeping track of expenses.

Philip and I have spoken to one another now and again since the late 1970s.

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The Internet Lets Us Learn From A Master

January 23, 2010

The Cute Way To Offend Delicate Sensibilities

Look how Goddamned weird this is.

What a post!

Genius master animator John Kricfalusi posts stills from a Bob Clampett Looney Tunes cartoon, pointing out nuances we civilians never would — and on top of it all, he’s also seeing things he never noticed before!

I don’t know if John K uses a Mac. I hope so. I sooooo want him to do a digital book as only he can. He’d blast publishing into somewhere else in one damned shot!

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Android ePub Reading Software Aldiko: 250,000 Downloads

January 23, 2010

@Hadrien of Feedbooks reports:

Congratulations, Team Aldiko!

Aldiko website

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Quote Of The Day: Writer Jay Stringer

January 23, 2010

Old Gold

I come from a country that chooses to forget itself, and it’s past, and to have everything of cultural significance stolen and transplanted to one city. The rest are provinces, each allowed to have a token “cool” for a certain period of time. But i think we need fiction, music and art that reflects the voices and the people; regions need to be allowed to matter again.

His blog has a very confusing interface (look for the floating navbar near the top — grrrr), but it’s worth going through too.

— via Twitter from @thesaturdayboy

Why The iTunes/App Store Model Will Ultimately Fail

January 23, 2010

This post has a mind-blowing Update at the end.

I’ve argued earlier that Apple must turn iTunes into a platform.

Apple would make more money that way. Because the margins on charging businesses for goods (server hardware, merchant platform software) and services (maintenance, consulting) is much higher than those for consumer goods and services.

Also, it would propagate the Apple Method of sales throughout the Internet, making it a universal standard. And I do mean “universal” — as a platform vendor, Apple wouldn’t care what was being sold. Merchants could sell items for Android and webOS. Apple still collects its money no matter what. (And think of that money being based not only on a flat fee but also including a small — say 1-3% — fee for each transaction. As shown by Switzerland, neutrality pays.)

Why the current in-house all-by-Apple iTunes Store/App Store model will fail is a simple matter of business. It’s the missing link I never thought of, brought to my attention today by @KatMeyer on Twitter.

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Barnes & Noble Nook Buyer Horror Story

January 23, 2010

Learn from my misery: Don’t buy a nook.

This is a lengthy post that is worth reading because it’s an absolutely breathtaking clusterfuck of bad customer service.

It’s like Barnes & Noble does hire people with brains — but somehow behind the scenes refuses to let them use their brains.

Barnes & Noble should make this better than fixed. You do that, B&N, by refunding the purchase price of that Nook, making it free, and throwing in two — yes, two — free $100 Gift Cards.

What, you’re going to squawk because your incompetency has a penalty on one sale? It should have a penalty for something this staggeringly stupid — and that’s it. And think of all the potential sales that post is killing. Fixing this ASAP is cheap in comparison.

Make it better than fixed, Barnes & Noble. All of the Internet is watching.