Blog Note: Comments Are A Mess

January 24, 2010

I never thought I’d have ongoing discussions here, so I set Comments to nest only three-deep. This has made a mess of things.

Tonight I went into Settings to enable up to ten levels, but it seems either this template won’t support more than three or else it won’t automagically add the indentation that’s necessary after three.

So, Comments are one frakkin mess. You’ll have to parse out on your own right now which reply is directed to you.

Since this blog is likely to drop dead in one week, let’s try to live with this until the long goodbye.

Writing Red Alert: Star Cops

January 24, 2010

Star Cops is a series I’ve mentioned in all my blogs (see end of post).

It’s an excellent SF series from the late 1980s. Rarely seen in the U.S. and never released in America on DVD.

It was created by Chris Boucher, who took over Blake’s 7 from that series’ creator, Terry Nation. It’s really the first adult SF series, attempting to do real adults in real space. No silly ray guns or monsters. And it’s thoughtful SF, moving at a deliberate pace.

Some of the highlights to watch for in the series are desktop touchscreen computers:

There is the 27″ iMac of 2011!

And an artificially-intelligent voice-interactive PDA called Box:

The only way it can be seen outside of the U.K. is via piracy, which is really an absolute disgrace.

Someone has posted the entire series up on YouTube. Run there and watch it. This is a gorgeous transfer from the U.K. DVDs.

First part of episode one after the break to get you started.

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Quote: Writer “EKW”

January 24, 2010

Huge $70M Settlement In TV Writers Age Discrimination Lawsuit: CAA Lone Holdout

The only reason I was working at 58 was because I was still selling spec scripts, but when I went for writing jobs they took one look at me and I could feel the withdrawal. Facial expressions changed, the atmosphere in the room completely went flat. Here is the thing: They liked my scripts but when they saw me they forgot that and all they could see was this old man. Never mind that the scripts were all written within the past 4 years and two of them had been made and released.

Well, look. You can’t have an adult working in Hollywood. It’s spoils the fun of the talentless children, some of whom got there purely via nepotism. Why, you might know their Daddy or Uncle Shmuel and accidentally mention all the coke you saw spread out on their desk or how you overheard them ordering a bunch of hookers for the weekend. Worst of all, you might actually write about everything you’ve seen.

I am sooooo glad they won.


What’s Up In England?!

iSlate Or iPad? Apple Now Files Trademark For iPad!

January 24, 2010

Apple Moves Forward with Tablet’s Trademark-Infringing “iPad” Name, Reveals Potential Features in Filing

We are two days away from the announcement of this baby and Apple is still playing Chicken with the trademark for it.

1) Are there to be two products? A larger iSlate and a smaller iPad? Ten-inch and seven-inch?

2) Has Apple knocked out the foreign trademark filings, leaving only Fujitsu left in America to overturn?

3) Does this mean we won’t be seeing this product on sale for at least several weeks? It will take time to etch the final name on the back of the product!

Here it is, the latest iPad trademark filing. Frustratingly, this did not pop up on Friday when I did a sweep of TESS — which included the iPad filings!

Notice this is now a third beard company Apple has set up: “IP Application Development.” That’s in addition to iGuide and Slate Computing!

I have highlighted interesting items in bold blue.

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