The Unfinished iPad

January 27, 2010

Sherlock Holmes would call this a two or even three pipe problem.

I understand what Apple is doing with ePub. That bit is now all clear to me and I’ll post about that later.

But there are too many bits here I don’t understand at all.

The Stevenote video hasn’t been posted at Apple yet. I had to rely on a faulty live audio feed today that took up so much of this crap PC’s CPU that I couldn’t even monitor live blogs at the same time.

So, there are many gaps in my knowledge of what took place today.

But still, looking over Apple’s site, something is really bugging me.

This iPad isn’t finished. Something is missing. Something more is coming.

And there’s going to be another Apple event before this goes on sale.

I need to think about this. Another post tomorrow.

iBooks: I Am Not Happy

January 27, 2010

No. No no no no no no.

Not ePub.


This is all wrong.

I’ll have another post about this later.

But for now: No. This is all wrong.

iPad Post-Event Scorecard

January 27, 2010

In Apple Wednesday January 27, 2010 Preview, I posted a list. Here is that list with what happened and what didn’t:

Where’s the Barnes & Noble connection that got TechCrunch front page on Techmeme?

Where’s all the other half-assed shit that got front-page coverage on Techmeme?

Even this morning one place was saying it’d be iLife shown, not iWork!

Show me someone who did better than that!

And I stick by that final line. With the low-end price, only the terminally stupid would buy an eInk device.

Who will you bastards have to rip off when I pull the plug on this blog?

T-Minus Two Hours!

January 27, 2010

Apple’s home page:

Apple Store home page:

Some day you will want to keep those.

Archos To Do Seven-Inch Android Mini-Tablet

January 27, 2010

I was waiting for this shoe to drop!

Archos 7” Android Tablet appears for iPad-killer Price

Right now, it’s only a rumor.

But Archos has had a seven-inch mini-tablet for some time. It’s a frikkin beast — a metal-clad brick.

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