FREE Halloween eBooks From Blade Red Press

October 31, 2009

Blade Red & Gryphonwood free ebooks for Halloween special

Here at Blade Red Press we’re very pleased to announce a special offer in conjunction with our good friends, Gryphonwood Press. On October 31st, to celebrate Halloween, both Blade Red and Gryphonwood will be offering their entire catalogues for free in ebook format at Smashwords. The beauty of the Smashwords store is that all books are available in every ebook format, including Kindle-friendly .mobi. That means that you can get any book from Blade Red Press or Gryphonwood Press, in any ebook format, for nothing. Free. No catch, just free.

More DRM-free free loot:


Hit the link for these two that are free for today plus two other always-free titles!

Thanks, Blade Red and Smashwords!

Previously here:

FREE At Smashwords: The Devil In Chains
FREE Halloween eBooks From Gryphonwood Press

FREE At Smashwords: The Devil In Chains

October 31, 2009

More free reading for Halloween!


The Devil in Chains by Adam Christopher

In a steampunk future England, journalist Jackson Clarke is sent to the Isle of Man to investigate the tale of a talking animal, where he unwittingly steps into a battle between mankind and an ancient evil imprisoned beneath the peaceful island. Charged with treason and cut off from the mainland, can Clarke defeat the Devil in Chains?


The Devil in Chains [remastered]
Writer Adam Christopher’s website

FREE Halloween eBooks From Gryphonwood Press

October 31, 2009

Free E-Books! Happy Halloween from Gryphonwood!

Here’s a special treat from Gryphonwood Press! Our entire e-book catalog is 100% off (that’s right- 100% off) on Halloween through e-book distributor Smashwords!

Look at all this lovely DRM-free loot:


Not all of these subjects appeal to me — but I might find a good writer in there who might go on to do a subject I do like. And that’s why people should be allowed to share and why DRM stinks!

Thanks, Gryphonwood and Smashwords!

Aluratek Libre eBook Reader

October 31, 2009

Yes, let’s inflate the eBook Bubble some more! This time with a discounted version of the ECTACO jetBook from an entirely different company!



I was in J&R this morning and my eyes did a double-take over this device. It’s identical to the ECTACO jetBook except it lacks the chromed plastic.


It has Aluratek on the front (and “Libre” nowhere to be seen). But what made eyes pop was the price: US$169.00. This is now the least-expensive eBook reading device.

The specs are here. That “ePaper technology” is nothing more than the same non-backlit transflective LCD the ECTACO jetBook uses.

I wouldn’t expect this to do Adobe DRMed ePub. I wonder if it can do DRMed eReader format.

Still, I’d stay away from it.

How I DRMed Twitter And Its Lessons For All

October 31, 2009

I really did want to start out with just 400 Followers on Twitter. Because I wanted to engage with people who had similar interests in publishing, writing, and electronic books.

I eventually came to see the error of that way.

But that got me to thinking about the rights of users versus the rights of producers.

I set myself up in the role of “producer” of a product: my Twitterstream.

How many restrictions could I impose on those who “purchased” that product?

Would the users pay attention to the ever-growing and increasingly-shrill “EULA” I drafted?

And what would happen if — like the RIAA and MPAA — I threatened punishment?

These are not ridiculous issues. These are the things that eBook buyers currently live with.

Here are the things I’ve learned from this:

1) Users want to do what they want to do. Despite my restricting people from putting me in Follow Friday lists or the new Twitter lists, they would.

2) People will comply with DRM but will resent it. If I threatened people with a Block (the equivalent of an RIAA lawsuit or ISP disconnection), they would comply — but some would rebel quite loudly. Suprisingly, no one could see the parallel between what I was doing and the DRM they had to face in eBook buying. The one who came closest was @BlueTyson, who called me a “cyber-tyrant.”

3) DRM is more work than it’s worth. Instead of concentrating on my “core product” — my Tweets — I always had to stop “producing” several times during the day to enforce the DRM. How much effort do companies put into policing the Internet, to look for illegal copies of their work, instead of producing better products at affordable prices?

4) People want to share. They want to put me in Follow Friday lists and Twitter Lists. This is vital for publishers who will be selling eBooks via Barnes & Noble for the Nook to understand. Do not disallow the 14-day sharing of eBooks. They’re already shackled with DRM, so where’s the harm? Allow the sharing! You have people who have made an investment in reading eBooks and want to read eBooks — and sharing allows people to read more and to discover more writers they will wind up buying.

5) A world without slack is a mean and ugly world. Pushing anyone into a corner with no other alternatives will make that person see the odds as “I’ve got nothing to lose by fighting back.” Right now, the technical skills to break eBook copy-protection are not widespread. If you cage your customers, they’ll become “Nothing to lose” combatants and will seek out the tools to break your DRM. They might even turn spiteful and go pirate, uploading those files for others. Most users who crack DRM simply do it in order to be able to read on more than one device they have paid for. This is private-use “piracy” (in sensible minds, this is called Buyer’s Fair Use!). Don’t push them into becoming outright outlaws!

Finally, I’ve created a new set of Twitter Guidelines. Contrast them with the original ones!

And, oh, all the people I’ve Blocked this week for “breaking” my DRM — you’ve been UNBlocked. Sorry for the aggravation. Think of it as being a (forced!) volunteer for a good cause.

My True Twitter Guidelines

October 31, 2009

1) You can put me in Follow Friday lists.

2) You can put me in Twitter lists.

3) I will only Block you if you’re a spammer.

How To Measure Influence

October 30, 2009

Yesterday, someone asked me:

Click = big

Watch this video.

All done?

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Reading Is NOT Sacrosanct!

October 29, 2009

Apparently there was an online event held today called Publishing Business Virtual Conference & Expo.



Two really bizarre tweets came out of that and I can’t resist commenting.

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Writer Moriah Jovan Does An eBook 101

October 29, 2009

Electronic Publishing: an interview with Moriah Jovan, part I

Could you provide a brief overview of some of the key issues with electronic publishing with some links for people who want to do further reading?

If you want to get up to speed fast, go read.

While you’re all still free.


Moriah Jovan website
Moriah Jovan’s first book
Moriah Jovan’s second book
Moriah Jovan on Twitter