Aluratek Libre eBook Reader

Yes, let’s inflate the eBook Bubble some more! This time with a discounted version of the ECTACO jetBook from an entirely different company!



I was in J&R this morning and my eyes did a double-take over this device. It’s identical to the ECTACO jetBook except it lacks the chromed plastic.


It has Aluratek on the front (and “Libre” nowhere to be seen). But what made eyes pop was the price: US$169.00. This is now the least-expensive eBook reading device.

The specs are here. That “ePaper technology” is nothing more than the same non-backlit transflective LCD the ECTACO jetBook uses.

I wouldn’t expect this to do Adobe DRMed ePub. I wonder if it can do DRMed eReader format.

Still, I’d stay away from it.

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