This Blog Is Now Over And Done With

Apple: Kill My Blog, Please!

Apple didn’t do what I expected. Yet I still expect them to.

I can either stick around spinning my wheels until then or use my time productively.

Without this blog, I will have time …

Time to read!

And also time to prepare for Apple’s next move.

I haven’t said all that I’ve wanted to say, but so what? Who does?

The Axis of eCrap will die, just like Nokia is dying and Windows Mobile is dying.

Apple knows what it’s doing and is fitting all the pieces together.

All of you puppies yapping over the “monopoly” of the iTunes and App Stores go back and read this post. Those will go away too. Apple would rather eat its own than have someone else do it. That move is inevitable.

I said for over two years that iWork would also be inevitable. If you didn’t believe that, check your head. Your processing is malfunctioning and I can’t help you. Maybe nothing can.

What Apple is up to is something none of you expect and which will ultimately be breathtaking in its scope. It will be the biggest ding in the universe ever.

While Bill Gates maneuvered for the Nobel Prize, Steve Jobs stuck with his passion.

While Bill Gates plotted a grand monopoly position, Steve Jobs saw a vision.

While Bill Gates talked about the future, Steve Jobs created it.

Bob Lefsetz is one of the few people on the Internet who understands what I’ve just written. He writes about it again and again, commenting on music. Dig this:

Tom Scholz [of the band “Boston”] did not go to music business school. Did not study engineering in some extension class. Rather he got a traditional education at M.I.T. and then worked as an engineer at Polaroid. Making music at night. In his basement. For years.

Tom Scholz came from essentially nowhere to owning the largest selling debut album of all time. Because he didn’t believe in rules, he was on his own journey.

Isn’t that why we revered the rock stars of yore? Because they did it their way, beholden to absolutely nobody?

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.


While fat cat businessmen are creating lowest common denominator music, fans are desirous of something different, cutting edge, uncompromised, that will touch their hearts.

And if we ever hear it, we tell everybody we know. Not because we’re being paid, but because of the sheer joy of listening and turning others on to great new music.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

Steve Jobs understand those words. They drive him.

They drive me too.

So it’s time for me to go away now and do the work that needs to be done.

If you have any questions about any of this, just read every damned thing I’ve written here.

It’s all there.

This blog is finished.

The End.

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