Apple: Kill My Blog, Please!

I never intended this blog to be a just about every day thing.

But I got fed up with the crap I saw circulating about books, publishing, eBooks, etc.

And I had to go open my big mouth.

Because there was no one else countering any of it.

Especially after I woke up from the eInk nightmare that had been pimped by others.

Next week, Apple unveils its seekrit creation. Which, despite recent trademark filings, I still expect to be called the iSlate. Because, as I posted, iPad has ownership conflicts.

Anyway, I expect four things from Apple:

1) The iSlate — I still expect one with a seven-inch, not ten-inch, screen. But any damned size would do at this point.

2) Apple announcing digital books for it. (Hello, Disney?)

3) Digital books given a real marketplace — not just lumped together with free games and eejitastic fart apps as they have been in the App Store.

4) A new version of iWork — with digital book creation ability for all.

Do that, Apple, and this blog is dead.

You will be settling the crap I’ve had to argue about for months now. I’ll have nothing more I will have to say.

I’ll be able to shut this blog and I get back to reading books (Derek Raymond is waiting!) and my own damned writing.

If Apple does what I expect, this blog is d-e-d on January 31st.

Some people out there will rejoice. But they were morons to begin with and will remain so after I’m gone.

6 Responses to Apple: Kill My Blog, Please!

  1. Darnell says:

    I’m with you Mike. Please Steve “Kill this blog” so we all can live inside the ultimate Apple ecosystem.

  2. jenn topper says:

    i’m speechless.

    ok i’m never speechless. but i have to say, without questioning even apple, we’ll all be in a lot of trouble with no one to blame but ourselves.

    hello george orwell.

    keep on keepin on, please.


  3. laura says:

    Well, I for one hope that Apple will do all those things, but I’m not convinced that will be the end of the story.

    While I can relate to you wanting to get on to other things, I can also say that if it happens, I hope that you won’t completely stop writing on this topic. It’s passion and insight that let us look so far ahead, and you have both.

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