What Apple’s iSlate Means To Bloggers

January 21, 2010

For quite some time I’ve wanted offline and portable reference copies of my past two blogs: Mike Cane’s Blog and Mike Cane 2008.

There were two problems with this desire for either a printed or electronic copy:

1) WordPress exports a hinky XML file that chokes services that offer printing of blogs

2) How do I deal with a post such as this, with several embedded videos?

An electronic version in ePub? My god, what a lot of work for something that’d only wind up looking fugly, lack the videos, lack color in photos, and be verrrry slow for accessing on an eInk screen.

It was only tonight that it hit me that I’ll finally be able to have digital books of my blogs. Apple will make that possible with iWork. And iWork can embed video (cough, cough).

I’ll be able to easily access past posts offline as well as do all the real indexing I’ve always wanted to do for cross-referencing years of related posts. And I’d be able to read all of them comfortably, leisurely sprawled on a sofa or on my bed with an iSlate.

I couldn’t sell these due to rights issues. That was never the point. I’ve wanted these portable reference editions for myself.

But all of you who have blogs with material that only you own? You could sell digital book copies. An annual compilation of your posts.

Anyone who has a blog should begin to get very excited about what’s coming from Apple!

The Apple TV That Isn’t But Will Be

January 21, 2010

I stated earlier that Apple is going to need a YouTube-like service to snatch away all of those videos being fed into Google’s advertising wallet by iPhones (and soon probably the next-gen iPod Touch too).

Apple TV would be a natural name for it. But that domain is taken.

Apple watchers, keep your eye on that. At some point, Apple will have them evicted.

Can We Get This Lovely iBook Prototype In 2012, Apple?

January 21, 2010

This will amp up your iSlate lust (as if it isn’t already high).

Designer creates a prototype for a dual-screened Apple digital book reader, called iBook. Lovely piece of hardware. Software is so-so, but the line-tracker feature is clever and something Apple should, um, acquire.



Martin Perhiniak website


January 21, 2010

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