Apple iSlate Specs Leaked? I Say FAKE!

January 3, 2010

Apple iSlate specifications revealed

They have snaps of the most fake spec sheets I have ever seen.

Oh come on. “Mac OS X Clouded Leopard.” Srsly? Apple would use the term “Clouded”?! Puhleeze! Apple has style. If they were ever to make a Cloud version, it’d be called “Mac OS X Leopard Cloud” or “Mac OS X Leopard Cloud Edition.”

2.26GHz Intel Core Duo 2?

2GB DDR3 RAM expandable(!) to 8GB?

120GB hard drive?!!? — a hard drive in your poor imaginations!

Really, this is just silly.

Wall Street Didn’t Start This. I Did!

January 3, 2010

Amazon could pay for Kindle sales coyness

This is the latest in a sudden series of Amazon pile-on posts and MSM articles.

What made me laugh out loud was one MSM article ascribing all of this to “Wall Street.”


I’ve been the only person to stand up and say Amazon is acting like Enron, like the sub-prime NINJA loan mortgage hustlers, like every other damned fraud that’s blown up big and publicly in the past two decades.

Wall Street was, as usual, fat and happy collecting its increased share prices — so why should any of them have wanted to rock that cozy boat in the sea of current financial uncertainty?

No other book, eBook, or publishing site has questioned Amazon. They’re all too busy being the tech gadget whores and whipped dogs they claim not to be.

Me, I’m beholden to no one and fear absolutely no company.

And let’s get something straight here: I have zero financial investments in any company.

My interest is to prevent writers from being bamboozled by a company that is already raping them with a reverse financial split of the one Apple offers in its App Store.

I don’t give a damn about anyone’s stock. I’m in this for my fellow writers. Even the ones who wish I would suddenly drop dead (the only way I’ll ever STFU).

— thanks to @mdash for the link

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You Won’t Be Published, You’ll Only Be Robbed

January 3, 2010

I am not rehashing this damned issue again. I’ve done it in several past posts. Go read those or just STFU when you’re left holding nothing because you stupidly signed a contract with a bastard print publisher.

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One Simple Question For All Book Publishers

January 3, 2010

Given all the twee pathetic whining that Jonathan Galassi, president of print publisher Farrar, Straus & Giroux engages in with his New York Times Op Ed: There’s More to Publishing Than Meets the Screen

I have one simple question: When the hell do writers ever get free of you bastards?

It’s already been established that after thirty-five — long long long long ever so long — years, we are by law free from your parasitic enslavement.

Are you going to whine like a crybaby after a business arrangement has been concluded that we owe you — what? — emotional loyalty or some laughably immature shit like that?

If that’s the best card you lot have to play, I’m going to have one happy time dancing on all of your corporate graves!


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