iPad: The Portable Personal Social Computer

January 28, 2010

This is my reaction to seeing the Stevenote. I will save the bit about iPad and books til tomorrow.

This is the bit where some people got it:

Click = big

That’s Stephen Fry there. Entirely coincidental. I didn’t highlight the guy next to him even though he has the same expression of delight because I suspect that’s Jon Ive himself. Look at that woman. And the guy. They’re kvelling!

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iPad: What Is Wrong With This Picture?

January 28, 2010

Updated! See after the break.

I’m finally able to watch the Stevenote video. Thanks to a kind soul who ignored Apple’s Copyright and posted it on YouTube, where I can rip it to an MP4 file that this crap PC can actually handle and let me watch. (Yes, Apple, I know I can get it from you for free via iTunes — but it’s 1.05GB and my PC can’t handle the strength of that gorgeous hi-res video!)

This is a slow process. I’ve been watching for over an hour and am less than halfway through. Because I’m analyzing as I watch.

The New York Times just came out and preened over its head-up-their-ass app. I noticed something that’s wrong throughout it. I can’t say yet if it’s only The New York Times app that’s wrong or if this is an issue at the heart of the iPad itself.

Anyway, look at this picture. See if you can see what’s very, very wrong here. Ignore the blur. It should still be evident. I saw it right off. Leave a Comment.

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