Sony Bets The Farm On 3D TV

January 6, 2010

I came in late to a live vidcast from CES of Sony announcing something called the Dash. I missed that completely and am disinclined to look it up so close to my sleep time.

I did, however, see Howard Stringer pimp and pimp and pimp for 3D TV. Discovery Channel 3D HD. ESPN 3D HD. PlayStation 3D. Blu-Ray 3D.

Did anyone out there ever ask for 3D? Anyone?

Ray Bradbury hates television being such a “distraction.” But he apparently owns a large flatscreen HDTV. That’s something I’ll never own.

And I will also never own a 3D HDTV, either.

I don’t care that no one would ever see me watching it …

… I still don’t want to risk looking like a dick while doing so.

At least Sir Howard had the sense not to imagine a 3D Sony Reader.

Update Your Copy Of Adobe Reader Now!

January 6, 2010

I’ve been knocked offline for 24 hours, fighting a host of infections that broke through my line of defenses yesterday.

What’s interesting is that I paid for not updating Adobe Reader even after seeing all the warnings about PDF exploits.

One of the infections came via a PDF that I never downloaded.

It somehow got in and parked itself in a TEMP file folder and did whatever it wanted to do. Apparently part of that was inviting some friends in!

One of the eighteen things raping my PC yesterday was this.

I didn’t keep the names of the others. They’re in the logfiles of the program I used to remove the above as well as an Avast! logfile that snuffed the remaining four — one of which was an infected PDF the other program didn’t see.

I swear I got all this yesterday by clicking on a link to a legitimate site. Suddenly a popup about requiring a plugin happened and Fox just dropped dead. While it was frozen, I called up Task Manager and saw that Adobe Reader had been launched in the background!

Anyway, update that sucker right now to close one loophole.

Now I have to catch up on all the news.

I doubt if there will be any other posts today.