How To Properly Integrate Video Into Fiction Digital Books

October 4, 2009

The chorus of skeptics continues to bleat about how textual fiction and fictional video don’t mix, won’t mix, can never mix, etc, etc.


It just hasn’t been done properly yet.

This requires thinking about storytelling in a new way.

Right now, even Vook hasn’t figured that out, so I’m compelled to do this post.

This is how the Embassy vook opens:


The embedded video is a dramatization of all of those sentences. In other words, it becomes a repeat.

A better way to open the vook would have been this:


Now that text stands on its own.

However, the best way to open the vook would have been this:


All of those sentences are edited out and the video takes their place. One is not competing with the other. They shouldn’t. It should be one or the other — not both.

After the break, I will display a piece of video that frames an entire television series. It tells a story in and of itself, not requiring a voice-over narration or other ham-fisted technique to get new viewers introduced to the series.

And because it’s a story in itself, it’s also the perfect illustration of how video should be incorporated into a digital book.

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