Reading Is NOT Sacrosanct!

October 29, 2009

Apparently there was an online event held today called Publishing Business Virtual Conference & Expo.



Two really bizarre tweets came out of that and I can’t resist commenting.

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Writer Moriah Jovan Does An eBook 101

October 29, 2009

Electronic Publishing: an interview with Moriah Jovan, part I

Could you provide a brief overview of some of the key issues with electronic publishing with some links for people who want to do further reading?

If you want to get up to speed fast, go read.

While you’re all still free.


Moriah Jovan website
Moriah Jovan’s first book
Moriah Jovan’s second book
Moriah Jovan on Twitter

Tyler Perry On 60 Minutes: Illustrated Transcript

October 28, 2009


On Sunday, October 25, 2009, the American television newsmagazine 60 Minutes profiled writer Tyler Perry.


Byron Pitts was the correspondent.

I’ve posted twice before about this:

Writer Tyler Perry On CBS’s 60 Minutes
Writer Tyler Perry: The Official Video

Now I’m providing a hand-made transcript with screensnaps for posterity.

Click for transcript and many screensnaps

The Coming Android Mini-Tablet Flood

October 27, 2009

I predict that by this time next year we’ll be wading in Android mini-tablets up to our knees.

It’s going to be the next Netbook Flood.

Why I say this is due to two things.

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Writer Tyler Perry: The Official Video

October 26, 2009

Even when television wakes up and gets on the Internet, they do it wrong.

Last night’s 60 Minutes is available officially here, but only as an all-or-nothing proposition. Start at the start and go through to the end. At least that was my experience. I could not hop to the third segment, which was the one featuring writer Tyler Perry.

So, I turn to the kindness of people who do give people what they want: the pirates.

Here it is via YouTube. Expect it to be DMCAed away at one point.

So watch it now.

UPDATE: Even this pirate did it wrong! This is not the entire segment. Stand by as I look for the full one.

UPDATE 2: CBS has put up the entire segment itself over at Veoh.

You have to watch a pre-roll and embedded ad (each fifteen seconds long), but it’s worth it.

Previously here:

Writer Tyler Perry On CBS’s 60 Minutes

Writer Tyler Perry On CBS’s 60 Minutes

October 25, 2009


If you haven’t seen this (exceptions made at the time of posting this for people on the West Coast, where it has yet to air), you have really missed something.

It will probably be available tomorrow at the CBS 60 Minutes site. Watch it!

He owns a movie studio.

He. Himself. One writer.

He finances his own movies.

He. Himself. One writer.

An incredible, inspiring story for all writers.

While there are embarrassments currently scurrying about trying to vacuum up every possible nickel, this guy is busy creating, confident that the money will come to him.

That is one hallmark that separates the amateur from the professional.

Which are you?