Digital Books: More About Video Use

October 8, 2009

I was looking for one specific clip on YouTube for this post, but I couldn’t find it. I expect it was DMCAed away. And since I lack video editing software (not to mention the necessary PC horsepower), I couldn’t re-create the clip for this.

Nonetheless, I found one sorta kinda clip as a substitute. And tripped across another clip I didn’t expect.

So as not to clog the loading of this page for people with weak PCs (that would primarily be me), I’m placing these after the break.

Click for the two videos

eBooks Notes For Thursday, October 8, 2009

October 8, 2009

Three interesting blogs:

Don’t Publish Me!

The living diary of what it takes to get published…or not. Writing, obtaining representation, getting a publisher, and achieving fame and fortune. Fortune without fame would be preferable, since my kid is going to private school this fall.

29 Jobs and a Million Lies

This is the story of my 29 Jobs, fraught with a Million Lies. And some very stupid decisions, lucky tricks, and altogether silly outlooks.


To understand and pursue the craft, art and business of storytelling in the digital age.

Since Twitter has been having its usual vapors (worth a billion dollars? what drugs are you people on?), many of the eBook/book news tweets I’d run there will be here instead, below, after the break.

Click for the non-tweeted news

The Just In Case iPod Tablet Blogs

October 8, 2009

iPod Air: January 25, 2008

iPod Sky: July 27, 2008

iPod Cloud: July 27, 2008

iPod Touchbook: August 14, 2008

And today …

iPod Reader

Of course, Apple could always call it the iPod Touch Reader.

I didn’t grab that one.

These are not squats.

Eventually, this blog will go away and one of them will replace it.

Unused names will be surrendered to WordPress to recycle.