Writer Tyler Perry: The Official Video

October 26, 2009

Even when television wakes up and gets on the Internet, they do it wrong.

Last night’s 60 Minutes is available officially here, but only as an all-or-nothing proposition. Start at the start and go through to the end. At least that was my experience. I could not hop to the third segment, which was the one featuring writer Tyler Perry.

So, I turn to the kindness of people who do give people what they want: the pirates.

Here it is via YouTube. Expect it to be DMCAed away at one point.

So watch it now.

UPDATE: Even this pirate did it wrong! This is not the entire segment. Stand by as I look for the full one.

UPDATE 2: CBS has put up the entire segment itself over at Veoh.

You have to watch a pre-roll and embedded ad (each fifteen seconds long), but it’s worth it.

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