From Early Edition To Final Edition

I saw the pilot episode of the CBS TV series Early Edition again.

I needed to reacquaint myself with it after seeing Paradox from the BBC.

I remembered it was well-written (I wouldn’t have watched it back then, otherwise), but I’d forgotten just how damn good it was. A really, really excellent little script.

Here we are, perhaps less than 25 days until the unveiling of the Apple iSlate and I wonder how this series could be done this year with a digital newspaper.

Where would the cat fit in? The cat accompanied the printed newspaper and meowed to announce its arrival. My god, this is the Internet. Cats are the official mascot! There would have to be a cat again.

It’d be easy for him to see the front page headline on an iSlate …

… but would he have bothered to flick through a few pages to see that?

This is what we are on the cusp of today:

From Early Edition to Final Edition.

And this series was made in 1996.

That’s just fourteen years ago. Look at what’s changed.

What will it all be like fourteen years from now — 2024?

This isn’t the best video, but it has the best sound, and I love the theme music:

Part of that would make a great iSlate TV ad theme too.

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