The Pathetics

I did my own post today before I ever saw the one by Bob Lefsetz.

I’m sick and fucking tired of people telling me to be more positive. To focus on solutions rather than problems. Don’t you get it, it all comes down to the MUSIC!

Wow, talk about synchronicity!

If you’re a writer — or think you are — go read it. Mentally replace “music” and “musician” and “act” with “writing” and “writer” and “work” (I won’t say “book”).

I can’t resist excerpting, however:

The major labels triumphed because they had the best acts. But then they got greedy, the execs started thinking they were the talent, they broke the cardinal music business rule, that we all bow down to the creator. If you’re really that talented, make your own damn music.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

That’s something publishing has forgotten.

And for you frustrated artists, I’ll say it one more time… Your lack of success probably comes down to the fact that you’re just not that good.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

Oh yes. The shit my eyes have had to read. Pity them.

But that doesn’t mean greatness will go unnoticed. We’re all looking for quality. And, if we find it, we tell everybody we know. So, a great act gets traction. But takes a long time to make it. Shit, the Kings Of Leon would have been gargantuan right away fifteen or twenty years ago. Now it takes that long just to get people to pay attention.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

How many so-called “writers” out there won’t put in those fifteen or twenty years?

Go read that post. Now.

2 Responses to The Pathetics

  1. jeff says:

    His name is BOB Lefsetz, not Richard Lefsetz.

    • mikecane says:

      How stupid of me. I knew when I typed it it didn’t feel right, but then I got caught up in the excerpts and never went to his site to check his name — which I am constantly getting wrong apart from his surname. Thanks. Fixed.

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