And You Will Trust Google With All Of Our Books?

G-Railed: Why Did Google Bury the Web’s Oldest Entertainment Publication? [UPDATE]

Since launching its own site in April, Studio Briefing–a Variety-style news service that’s been sending emails since 1993–had been buying ads from Google AdWords and promoting ads from Google AdSense. Then in September, without warning, owner Lew Irwin received a boilerplate notification from Google that its ads had been “disabled”–thereby eliminating a potential revenue stream–because the site did not comply with Google policies. The search titan also diverted its spider, which meant Studio Briefing posts wouldn’t appear in Google search results.

“The notice was totally vague,” says Irwin, who just turned 75. “I’ve been trying to get a specific explanation ever since, but they haven’t given me one.” (A Google rep did respond to my request for comment, saying she would “look into [my] question” and get back to me.)

This is not the only time this has happened, either.

And there’s more: Other people who use Blogger have mysteriously had their sites categorized as splogs (spam blogs) and been locked out of them.

If Google can’t get its own act together — its bread and butter of advertising and advertising-enabling blogging — what do you expect they will do once they have all the goddam books?

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One Response to And You Will Trust Google With All Of Our Books?

  1. Moriah Jovan says:

    Systematic (systemic) censorship?

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