Barnes & Noble Nook Gets Trashed By Archos 5 Internet Tablet

December 11, 2009

Liza Daly is prominent in the eBook community as someone who knows the IDPF ePub spec inside and out.

She bought a Nook for testing purposes, afflicting it with ePub eBooks that are totally-compliant to the spec and which anyone is bound to encounter at some point.

The results were not good at all.

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Apple iTablet Video: Nicest Fake So Far

December 11, 2009

eGether alerted me to the latest fake Apple iTablet video.

Of course, it comes out of France.

France, the country that gave us that fine Editis video. So they have some experience under their belt when it comes to dreaming up things!

See the video and screensnap analysis after the break.

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Writer Peter Watts Beaten, Arrested

December 11, 2009

Dr Peter Watts, Canadian science fiction writer, beaten and arrested at US border

Peter faces a felony rap for “assaulting a federal officer” (Peter and the witness in the car say he didn’t do a thing, and I believe them). Defending this charge will cost a fortune, and an inadequate defense could cost Peter his home, his livelihood and his liberty.

Peter’s friends are raising money for his legal defense. I just sent him CAD$1,000, because this is absolutely my biggest nightmare: imprisoned in a foreign country for a trumped-up offense against untouchable border cops. I would want my friends to help me out if it ever happened to me.

Thinking of buying a book as a gift?

How about buying some freedom for someone who writes them?

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