The Latest Fake iSlate Video

December 27, 2009

Less than an hour old at the time I post it here.

Not the latest. Turns out it’s the latest ripoff of a prior video first posted here.

I got pWned!

Video pulled. Click that link to see it.

Apple Will Call It iSlate: Latest Proof

December 27, 2009

Thanks to the United States Trademark and Patent Office’s links page, I did a wee tour of the globe hunting down the three known Apple seekrit trademarks: iSlate, iPad, and Magic Slate.

Put your money on iSlate for the iTablet.

With Magic Slate possibly being a different product altogether.

iPad isn’t even in the running due to trademark conflicts around the world.

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Apple’s Three Canadian Trademarks: iSlate, iPad, Magic Slate

December 27, 2009

If “Slate Computing (USA) LLC” is actually a beard company for Apple, then Apple also holds three trademarks in Canada: iPad, iSlate, Magic Slate.

What’s interesting is that “iPad” is not filed for in the United States. “Magic Slate” has been.

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