Quote: Shannon Stacey

December 20, 2009

Judging a publisher by formatting?

You can work your ass off writing the best book you can, but if you place it with a company who can’t present it worth a damn, nobody’s going to read it.

The Immortal Writer Derek Raymond

December 20, 2009

The Cans Festival, originally uploaded by Born Sleepy.

The Rap Sheet continues its series of tribute posts about Derek Raymond.

The Book You Have to Read: “How the Dead Live,” by Derek Raymond

As a writer of noir, Raymond has very few equals. His atmosphere is unparalleled and his questioning of morals, both at a personal level and on a more global level, is something that many other writers since have seemed unable or unwilling to confront.

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First Credible Apple iTablet Twitter Leak?

December 20, 2009

Oh, I’ve been down this road before. Someone casually mentions he has the Hot New Thing on Twitter and a pile-on develops, the guy insists he does have it, then his Twitter account is switched to Private and that’s the end of it.

So, here we go again.

Is this the first credible leak about the Apple iTablet on Twitter?

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Get The Camangi WebStation Mini-Tablet Quick Start Guide For Free!

December 20, 2009

The Camangi WebStation is an Android-powered mini-tablet with a 7″ screen. It’s the first of the flood of mini-tablets to go on sale and anticipation for it has been high.

The Quick Start Guide just popped up on the Internet. It makes for interesting reading.

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