Elf On The Shelf

Thanks to @jane_l on Twitter for pointing me to this:

Elf on the Shelf’s Sales Policy Works for B&N, But Not for All Independents

I just want to pull out these sentences:

CCA and B only sells Elf direct, non-returnable through its Web site to stores, and will not work with wholesalers or distributors.


Pitts said that when her family first wrote the book, a literary agent tried selling it to a major house but had no luck, so they decided to self-publish. To date, she and her family have not received offers to be picked up by a large publisher.

This book is four years old.

This year it will approach seven million dollars in sales.


4 Responses to Elf On The Shelf

  1. Kat Meyer says:

    I also noted the direct sales to retailer approach that CCA and B has taken. Very intriguing stuff, that. Another children’s book publisher, http://www.ripsqueak.com, does not do wholesale or use distribution. They’ve been around awhile and sell only through their own store and site, and select indies. I was in awe of them when I first met them — they were at BEA. In spite of the fact that they don’t play by the rules of standard discounts and returnability, they’ve made a go of it. Because they have a product that people want. And, the books are not the only revenue source for them, so they’re similar to Elf on the Shelf — they are selling the brand/merchandising.

    As a sidenote, when I first saw Elf on the Shelf at BEA in Los Angeles, I thought it was really gimmicky. I was wrong. My 4 year old niece LOVES her Elf on the Shelf. I mean, it’s almost scary – she is obsessed. There’s this whole ritual where the elf “hides” and she has to find it each morning. It keeps an eye on her, and reports back to Santa. (i know, but it’s really good for making her behave).

    So, be careful Mike. There might be an elf on the shelf watching you!

    • mikecane says:

      I saw that book at Borders a few weeks ago and nearly plotzed from the $29.99 price. I thought, “Ha! What a FAIL!” Goes to show you how much *I* know! BTW, want to buy my upcoming $49.99 book? “Cane Needs A Pain”? It includes a voodoo doll of me! LMAO!

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