Vanity Versus Direct Publishing

December 3, 2009

I’ve stayed out of the whole Harlequin Horizons (now Dellarte Press) mess because what I was reading by so many others was just confusing as hell.

All of the words were like hailstones on my skull, causing a hurt.

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Harlequin: Saving Readers From Writers

December 3, 2009

Harlequin Goes Soft On Hard-Boiled

Remember, our intention was to publish the stories in their original form. But once we immersed ourselves in the text, our eyes grew wide. Our jaws dropped. Social behavior—such as hitting a woman—that would be considered totally unacceptable now was quite common sixty years ago. Scenes of near rape would not sit well with a contemporary audience, we were quite convinced. We therefore decided to make small adjustments to the text, only in cases where we felt scenes or phrases would be offensive to a 2009 readership.

You pack of goddammed super-sensitive morons!

Was “quite common sixty years ago”?!!!? Have you no brains? This is fiction, you idiots, fiction!

I recommended people buy these.

You’ve betrayed my trust, Harlequin.

You are dead to me. I will never run another post about your company again. I will never buy from you. I will point people to this post so they can despise you as much as I do.

May you go out of business, wind up living in cardboard boxes, and starve to death.