Onyx Boox 60 eBook Reader Manual

January 31, 2010 update: I have placed the manual up on Google Docs. You no longer need to email me for it. Download it from here.

December 30, 2009 update: I’ve been informed by an owner that version 1.2 of the firmware now includes the manual.

UPDATE: This post has been getting a lot of traffic. Apparently this device shipped without the User Manual and the PDF download link is dead. I downloaded the manual when it was available. It is a 2.4MB PDF of 119 pages length. If you need it, email me and I will send it to you.

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Boox60 User Manual Version1.0 is available as a PDF at that page.

Hardware Specification
6″/ 8″/ 9.7″ E Ink® Vizplex® EPD display
Touch panel with full screen scribble
16-level grayscale
400MHz processor or above
128MB RAM or above
512MB Flash or above
USB 2.0 with OTG support
SD/MMC with SDIO & SDHC support
2.5mm Stereo Headphone Jack
Wi-Fi/CDMA 1XRTT/GPRS/3G (option)
1600mAh replaceable Li-ion battery

Multiple languages support
Details/Thumbnail/List page view
Search and dictionary support
Text to speech (TTS) support
Font size & family change, Zoom in/out
Bookmark/Table of contents

Format Support
Additional formats support in the future

I’ve taken some of the screensnaps to display here.

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A bit of Chinese language there. I suppose by the time this gets to an English-language market — if ever — that’ll be fixed.

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What’s significant about the browser is that it’s based on WebKit.

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25 Responses to Onyx Boox 60 eBook Reader Manual

  1. Mike Mc says:

    Has it not registered with these companies yet that touchscreens and E Ink just don’t go together? Sony has tried it two (soon to be three) times and has yet to get it right. Hell, I’m not sure it can be done right with a resistive touchscreen.

  2. Tiger Lee says:


    I just bought a Boox 60 reader but it doesn’t come with a manual. I used your link back to Onyx and the page couldn’t be found. Searching Onyx website found no manual too.

    I just wonder if you have a copy of the manual. If so I will appreciate you forward me a copy.

    Thanks and regards.

    • mikecane says:

      You are in luck. I still have the manual. If you used your true email address, it will soon be on its way to you.

  3. Tiger Lee says:

    Actually I bought 3. Two of them for my two daughters :)

  4. kiko says:

    hola,he comprado un boox 60,venia con un sencillo manual de guia rapida.me gustaria saber como conseguir un manual completo para disfrutar mas del ebook. tambien tengo un comentario sobre el ebook,leyendo escucho musica y de vez en cuando se para la musica durante unos segundos….es normal? gracias por sus contestaciones,voy a seguir disfrutando de las lecturas con este fabuloso ebook. hasta pronto.

    EDITED to add a Google translation to English:

    hello, I bought a boox 60, came with a simple manual guide rapida.me like to know how to get a complete manual to enjoy more of the ebook. I also comment on the ebook, reading, listening to music and occasionally for music for a few seconds …. Is this normal? thanks for your replies, I will continue to enjoy the readings with this fabulous ebook. see you soon.

  5. Andre Serneels says:

    I just bought a Boox 60 reader but it doesn’t come with a manual. I used your link back to Onyx and the page couldn’t be found. Searching Onyx website found no manual too.

    I just wonder if you have a copy of the manual. If so I will appreciate you forward me a copy.

    Thanks and regards.

  6. […] deren Tasten ebenfalls per Stylus getippt werden (ein paar Screenshots gibts übrigens bei ebooktest). Voreinstellbar sind fünf verschiedene Schriftgrößen, zusätzliche Fonts lassen sich beim […]

  7. Hi,
    Can you please send me the manual? I want to buy this ebook reader and I have to find out if I can connect an external keyboard to it. Even if it can’t, I still need the manual for other details, just in case I make up my mind on this one. By the way, do you know any e-ink reader which has the ability to add external keyboard (trough bluetooth maybe, or USB?. Thanks.

  8. Arthur says:

    Hi, can you send me the manual? I’ve bought these reader i like it, but there seems no good manual for it. Thanks a lot.

  9. cozski says:

    Please send me copy of this manual friend. I need to know more about this device. Thanks very much.

  10. StevenJ says:

    If anyone has a PDF of this manual could you please send it to me. thanks

  11. Yvonne Midavaine - the Netheralnds says:

    Dear Mikecane or anyone else,

    I just received my Onyx Boox. Can you please send me the manual in PDF to my emailaddress. yvonne@midavaine.nl

    Thanking you in advance.

  12. Marcel says:

    Hi Mikecane,

    Would you be so kind to send me a copy of the manual as well?

    Thank you very much!


  13. Natalya says:

    Could somebody explain me how to add (download) book to the library in ONYX BOOX. How to open the book? Thanks.

  14. Radi says:

    Hi does it support arabic language

  15. Prateek says:

    i have downloaded the manual and the latest service pack but im not sure how to activate the servce pack…please tell me how to do it.
    another thing, how does one increse or decrease the greyscale levle???

  16. Bill Beetham says:


    Russian website say the Onxy Boox 60 works with MS .doc extensions, but I can’t find any mention of it anywhere else :(( Does anyone know if .doc is supported?


    Bill Beetham

  17. Roma says:

    works with doc/docx for sure! tested!

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