A Contrast In Scale

September 21, 2009

FlashForward Author Robert J. Sawyer on How George Lucas Pre-Empted His SciFi Series

You look at Battlestar Galactica: Wonderful series, on a really good week it had 875,000 viewers out of 315 million people.

Bold emphasis added by me.

‘Lost Symbol’ Also a Big Hit on Kindle, But How Big?

But it seems that the breathless reception of Amazon’s news is a little overblown. Although Knopf Doubleday, which printed 5 million hardcover copies of “The Lost Symbol,” has declined to say what proportion of the more 1 one million copies of hardcover and e-book editions it sold on the first day of the book’s release were actually in digital form, a person familiar with the sales figures said far less than 5 percent were electronic book editions.

Bold emphasis added by me.

So that would be less than 200,000? 50,000?

Update: Really, I should by law be prohibited from touching numbers and calculations. With all the people who’ve read this post, I would have expected someone to point out that horrendous math FAIL of mine.

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The Lost Symbol: The eBook Tipping Point?

“EPUB” Is A Registered Trademark

September 21, 2009

And yes, the mark is all caps. So rubes will think it’s pronounced “EP-ub.” Marketing 101 FAIL.

Word Mark

Goods and Services
IC 009. US 021 023 026 036 038. G & S: Computer services in the nature of a XML based electronic file format standard for creating electronic books and other digital publications composed of the Open Publication Structure, Open Packaging Format and Open Container Format. FIRST USE: 20060910. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 20070911

Standard Characters Claimed

Mark Drawing Code

Serial Number

Filing Date
September 19, 2008

Current Filing Basis

Original Filing Basis

(APPLICANT) Open eBook Forum DBA International Digital Publishing Forum non-profit corporation D.C. 244 Fifth Avenue #2347 New York NEW YORK 10001

Attorney of Record
Erica Lazzaro

Type of Mark


Live/Dead Indicator