How The Axis Of E Is Killing Publishing

September 16, 2009

Yesterday on Twitter someone stated that just fourteen minutes after the eBook went on sale, a pirate copy of The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown was available.

Today I speculated that if that was the case, it was most likely the ePub that had been cracked.

Yep. And this post is proof.

It took me less than five minutes to find it and have a copy:


I opened it in FBReader in order not to clog up Adobe Digital Editions or Sony eBook Library:

Click = big

Click = big

Click = big

Click = big

And that’s as far as I went. I have no interest in reading the book and definitely no interest in possessing an illegal copy for longer than it took to create these screensnaps for this post.

So it was off to the Recycle Bin for it:


Wave bye-bye!

Click = big

And it’s gone from my hard drive.

There are deluded rubes out there claiming the Kindle eBook has outsold the print edition. Grow a brain!

I’d hardly be surprised, however, to learn that the pirated ePub edition has more circulation and readers than the printed edition.

And no, don’t bother to ask the where and hows of this. I won’t say.