Apple: Give The App Store A Wish List!

September 12, 2009

Today I was window shopping at the App Store. I found a few things that interested me but I didn’t want to buy them now.

A similar thing happens to me when I’m browsing the eBooks at the New York Public Library. There will be a title I want to borrow, but it’s unavailable at the moment. Thank God for a Wish List! The OverDrive system is so bad, I’m very grateful I can park my lust items there and quickly refer to their status later on.

But Apple’s App Store? A Wish List?

Apple itself says No!

Click = big


Why oh why, Apple?

And while I’m at it, I’d not only like a Wish List in the App Store, I’d like the option to share it with others. Either select friends or even strangers. Then when someone says, “I’d like to get you a gift. What would you like?” I can simply tell them to choose something on that list.

Hey, Apple, the big gift-giving season is coming up. Time to get this done.