Google Books: Ironic CAPCHA

September 28, 2009

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Hanwang/Hanvon Starts Tablet Flood?

September 28, 2009

From JKKMobile via Twitter: Meet Hanvon multitouch tablet

Oh boy. Hanwang is a company that seems to create a new eBook device every month.

Now they’re showing a mini-tablet that runs Windows 7.

First some screensnaps, then the video:


Notice the sealed back. I see no way to replace a battery.


Power jack, On/Off, USB port.

MultiTouch — don’t get excited, watch the lag on the video.

Possibly: Audio Out, Audio In, USB port, SD card?

Hanwang/Hanvon. I guess they’re making the name easier for English speakers.

Now the video:

I’d like to get excited about this, but the price will be the thing. That and availability. At least it will be able to do eBooks via software: LIT via MS Reader, Mobi via MobiPocket Desktop, PDF via Adobe Reader/Adobe Digital Editions, etc. Although with an Atom processor, I’m not certain how successful any of that will be.

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Writer James Hadley Chase eBooks Coming!

September 28, 2009

UPDATE: DO NOT BUY THESE. See this post.

Booksquare on Twitter alerted me to Harlequin reprinting some classic works by writer James Hadley Chase.

Since he’s been generally out of print for so long, I’ve been able to read only two of his books, but I loved them. So I’ve been waiting and waiting for someone to get wise and bring him back.

Now Harlequin will be doing so — in paper and in eBook.


Just look at these covers!



Go see the rest in the Vintage series (which includes other writers)!

TV’s Bonanza: With Charles Dickens

September 28, 2009

Ron Hogan alerted me to Jonathan Harris portraying Charles Dickens in an episode of TV’s Bonanza. A quick search later and some info:

136.) A Passion For Justice
September 29, 1963
Written by: Peter Packer
Directed by: Murray Golden

Charles Dickens visits Virginia City and is appalled to discover his work being reprinted without his permission by the local paper.

And this wonderful clip:


“I’ve poured my life into my work. And I have to fight for it.”




“They fail to realize how much a writer gives of himself. How much of his soul is locked into every word.”

There are two other clips: One, Two.

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A New Twist On Digital Book Pricing

September 28, 2009

AP Stylebook Launches iPhone App

The app costs $28.99 — $10 more than the print version of the Stylebook (just $4 more if you factor in the $6 shipping fee), and $4 more than the online subscription. The app designers are quick to point out, though, that the price is comparable to other reference iPhone apps, including the Oxford English Dictionary ($19.99) and the American Heritage Dictionary ($29.99). Newvine also notes that users who purchase the 2009 app would be offered a two-for-one deal that would guarantee them the 2010 app for free.

That’s clever: Give us your money now and you’ll also get something later.

The reverse Wimpy.


Am I the only person to notice that AP didn’t do this for the Sony Reader or abominable Kindle? So much for the utility of eInk devices.