Disney Digital Books Webcast Now Online

September 30, 2009


A recording of yesterday’s 18-minute webcast discussing Disney Digital Books is now available for viewing via links on this page.

It requires Windows Media Player or RealPlayer for viewing.

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Respect The Artist!

September 30, 2009

I’d forgotten all about this until @alexmilway reminded me on Twitter.

John Kricfalusi, creator of the incredible Ren & Stimpy, has a blog.

Start with Hipster ‘Toon ‘Tude Retreat and be sure to also read Character Design as a job VS Character Design for Animated Cartoon Stories as well as More Of My Flat Period Crap and then Does Everybody Want To Be A Character Designer?.

Why does it matter that basically six corporations control just about all of the mass media? Why does it matter that capital formation in this country is tilted towards an elite? Why does it matter that everything seems to be given a reverse Midas Touch — turning gold into shit?

It’s all right there.

Kricfalusi’s blog is not a blog.

It’s the chronicle of an ongoing crime.

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Pay The Artist!

September 30, 2009

why i am not afraid to take your money, by amanda fucking palmer

i am shameless, and fearless, when it comes to money and art.

i can’t help it: i come from a street performance background.
i stood almost motionless on a box in harvard square, painted white, relinquishing my fate and income to the goodwill and honor of the passers-by.

i spent years gradually building up a tolerance to the inbuilt shame that society puts on laying your hat/tipjar on the ground and asking the public to support your art.

i was harassed, jeered at, mocked, ignored, insulted, spit at, hated.
i was also applauded, appreciated, protected, loved….all by strangers passing me in the street.
people threw shit at me.
people also came up to me and told me that i’d changed their lives, brightened their day, made them cry.

some people used to yell “GET A FUCKING JOB” from their cars when they drove by me.
i, of course, could not yell back. i was a fucking statue, statues do not yell.

Go read this. Every single word. Bookmark it. Pass it on.

And now, again, Harlan Ellison:

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The 24hrBook Project

September 30, 2009


24hrBook Project

In collaboration with if:book, The Society of Young Publishers and CompletelyNovel.com, Spread the Word has commissioned The 24 Hour Book, a groundbreaking project to challenge a group of writers to write a new story about London in just 24 hours.

The project doesn’t excite me, but its web page does, hence this post.

Scroll down to see the FriendFeed widget, the Twitter widget, and the map.

I’ll have more to say about that in another post at another time.