Toshiba: We’ll Do An eBook Device Too!

Toshiba to launch an e-book reader mid-2010 – EXCLUSIVE

Due to launch in “mid-2010”, Simons claimed they are “looking at 7 and 9-inch models”, however they’ll have to “see how much the 9-inch would cost”, before that size ever makes it to the market.

Interestingly, Simons said Toshiba won’t be going down the touchscreen route like Sony did with its Reader Touch model (pictured), instead preferring a non-touchscreen model. Simons told us “you don’t need a touchscreen to make an e-book reader work”, with the buttons doing it justice apparently.

Toshiba’s JournE touch to get VoIP and ebook functionality, dedicated e-reader planned for 2010

Perhaps more intriguing is confirmation that Toshiba is planning a new ebook device with similar inspiration as the JournE (Toshiba already makes the much different Biblio reader for Japan), but is holding off until a standard book format and distribution model is nailed down by the industry.

I predict it will never come to market. It will be killed in early development after the upcoming Christmas sales bloodbath and early 2010 burst of the Axis of E Bubble.

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