Get The Camangi WebStation Mini-Tablet Quick Start Guide For Free!

The Camangi WebStation is an Android-powered mini-tablet with a 7″ screen. It’s the first of the flood of mini-tablets to go on sale and anticipation for it has been high.

The Quick Start Guide just popped up on the Internet. It makes for interesting reading.

Here is the eBook-related section:

Click = big

Notice what I’ve highlighted in red: Confirmation of DRM-free ePub capability. And it can do plain text files too.

Here is something interesting about microSD:

Click = big

The card has to be UnMounted before removal. Is this Android thing? Also note that card storage is required for apps, music, and eBooks.

And now the weird part:

Click = big

Yecch! A suction cup-fastened stand? I think Camangi owners will soon be asking around about the best stand for it — that suction cup won’t be satisfying to use. Better than no stand, I guess.

To get a copy of the Quick Start Guide, do a Save As… on this direct PDF link from the FCC.

To see some FCC pics of the device, including its guts, see this post: Camangi Webstation – Android tablet goodness pops up on the FCC

Judie Lipsett over a Gear Diary will be getting one. Her first assignment is to load Aldiko on it and test some ePubs for me!

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2 Responses to Get The Camangi WebStation Mini-Tablet Quick Start Guide For Free!

  1. Chris says:

    Yes, unmounting the SD before removal is an Android thing. Same on Android phones.

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