Two Vital Issues ALL Tablets Makers Are Ignoring

As I watch the flood of Android-powered mini-tablets begin, I can see that companies are making these things while ignoring two key issues that are vital to their success.

1) Weight. People need to be able to hold these things comfortably in one hand for an extended period of time for reading. The heavier a device is, the less comfortable it is. The Barnes & Noble Nook is too heavy for extended use. The more your device weighs, the less successful it will be in penetrating the eBook/digital book market.

2) Nighttime backlight mode. Everyone concentrates on how bright a screen can be to make colors pop when watching videos. But what about all those people who do nighttime reading while in bed? Aside from being able to hold a device for a long time while reading, the backlight really needs a super low-brightness mode so people don’t feel as if they’re staring into a flashlight while reading. JKK of jkkmobile prefers Aldiko over eReader for eBooks because he can dial down the backlight more on the Archos 5 Internet Tablet with Aldiko.

Since all of these mini-tablets will have touch screens, the issue of button placement is moot. Some might not have anything more than a button for On/Off and one for radios On/Off.

Accommodating those who read enlarges the potential market for these mini-tablets. The ones that are really reader-friendly will win.

2 Responses to Two Vital Issues ALL Tablets Makers Are Ignoring

  1. James Katt says:

    Apple HAS NOT IGNORED these two issues. These are two reasons it hasn’t yet produced a tablet.

    But when Apple does, it will be the BEST in the world, bar none. That’s why I’ll wait for an Apple tablet.

  2. laura says:

    Agree 100%. Also about Aldiko on the Archos Tablet. I like to really dial the brightness down, but honestly I must say that the Archos device is not as easy on the eyes as iPhone. I suspect it’s the difference in contrast between the two screens, but I haven’t checked the specs.

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