Camangi WebStation Pre-Orders Are Go

The Camangi ordering system is up.

It turns out the early bird price is just US$10.00 less than the regular price: US$389.00 versus US$399.00.

I’m no longer sure this will be a pleasurable device for accessing the Internet, but it could still be good for non-DRMed (or DRM-stripped) ePub eBooks.

Chippy over at Carrypad is skeptical about it:

As far as performance goes, this is where I have my reservations. The CPU in this device is not exactly leading-edge and with about 1/2 the processing power of top-end smartphones (estimated 1/5th of the processing power of a netbook) , browsing speeds could be somewhat laggy. Media playback performance could be limited too. Granted, the need for speed isn’t as great when you’re lying back in a comfy chair but in my opinion, the performance isn’t going to match the marketing that we’re seeing and there could be disappointment. I’ve tested a very similar device, the SmartQ7, and I can’t honestly say that it was a thrilling experience. Regardless of operating system if YouTube doesn’t work or programs hang for too long, it’s frustrating.

Thus, I myself will wait until I read some firsthand reports.

If you buy it, come back and leave a Comment.

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