First Pictures Of Aldiko Running On A 10-Inch Screen!

This is very exciting!

After doing the earlier post about the Notion Ink mini-tablet, I tweeted Aldiko to ask if they’d ever tried their ePub reading software on that size screen.

They hadn’t!

Then I remembered that tech wizard jkk of jkkmobile recently had an Acer Android OS-based netbook in his possession. So I emailed him asking if he’d tried Aldiko — and could he supply a photo?

Bless him, he had tried Aldiko and it was still on the Acer!

Here are the first photos of Aldiko running on a Notion Ink-sized screen:

Click = huge (1600×1200)

And here jkk holds up Aldiko running on the Archos 5 Internet Tablet for a rendering comparision:

Click = huge (1600×1200)

Now remember, this Acer is not a tablet. It’s a regular netbook without the vital touchscreen.

This is what jkk says about using Aldiko on such a non-optimal setup:

So it works, but changing pages is pain as you need to swipe with mousepad while the left button is pressed. They should have optional back and forward buttons or something.

So, it works!

All systems are go for when the flood of Android mini-tablets come out next year. Aldiko with ePub will enable DRM-free eBooks at the very start!

Thanks much to jkk!

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