Camangi Android Mini-Tablet: ePub Built-In

I was very, very interested in this — moreso than the five inch-screen Archos — but then I discovered it cannot play DiXV AVI videos. Such a tragedy!

On the other hand, early-bird buyers can get this for US$400.00 (with a coupon code that must be requested by November 26th). That price makes it superior to any dedicated eBook device in my mind since it’s color, interactive, and can also access the Internet. And it has a seven-inch screen too — larger than most eInk gadgets.

And today it I learned it will also have ePub capability built-in:


eBook functionality is specially featured in Camangi WebStation. Camangi WebStation supports standard EPUB and TXT format; therefore you can easily download and read almost every eBooks from an online store or read Google Books online easily. Furthermore, unlike other eBooks readers that only produce black and white images, your book reading experience will be enhanced by full color pictures within an article when applicable.

Go here to read more — click on the eBook icon.

And remember this too: eReader was just released for Android. Once Barnes & Noble does its version of that and adapts its code for a larger screen, who would need a Nook?

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