UPDATE: Simplicit.E.Reader NOT On Sale

November 23, 2009

See Update at bottom:

Got this via email today:

So, it’s on.

This is a new eBook device unearthed over at the MobileRead forums.

This is the ordering page.

This is what it looks like:

The lack of screen specs makes me suspicious. I think it might be a paltry 240×320 — a repurposed photo frame screen.


Robin Lenz on Twitter dug up the email address of the company making this.

They said:

The product is actually not going to
release until 1st quarter of 2010.

And when I pressed about J.C. Penney allowing orders, they responded:

Apparent miscommunication. Should not be live on JCP site.

So put away your credit card, kids!

YOUR Creation, YOUR Work, YOUR Art

November 23, 2009

Still Bourne

One explanation for why Van Lustbader’s Bourne books are so bad – and they are truly terrible – is that as a sober and professional author of made-to-order literature Van Lustbader is the wrong man to craft entertainments whose major selling point was that they appeared to have been written by someone who was seriously unhinged. Lacking Ludlum’s inspired sense of lunacy as well as his convulsive plotting, Van Lustbader sucks all the fun out of books whose appeal was never their plausibility. His world is a dry, flat place where the action only moves in one direction and you can spot a plot twist from a mile away.

Boldface emphasis added by me.

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