Writers: DIY Or Die!

November 8, 2009

THE DIY AUTHOR – What To Do When the Mainstream Yawns: Part 1

[I]ndividual writers today have a lot more power acting as their own independent contractors than as supplicants to a dismissive and sluggish (and arrogant) system.

THE DIY AUTHOR RETURNS – What To Do When the Mainstream Yawns (and Spends): Pt 2

[A] publishing industry that has removed authors from the top of the hierarchy and told them to be grateful to be stuck at the bottom.

I’m sure many people who come to this blog already know this story of Seth Harwood.

I’d heard snippets of it. Now here it is in a potted version, easy to read.

Don’t object that what Harwood did can’t be duplicated today. You’re a frikkin writer — use your imagination to create your own way!

There will be a Part Three there no doubt — so Bookmark it!

Curation: A Dead Idea Of Dead Thinking

November 8, 2009

Source: NY Public Library Digital Gallery.

“Curation” and “curator” are the new buzzwords the dying dinosaurs of oldthink print publishing are clinging to just like overboarded Titanic passengers clung to skimpy lifebuoys in the freezing waters of the North Atlantic.


It’s their last gasp at trying to remain alive — and relevant.

I got news for you kids: Ain’t gonna happen. No how no way.

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