Writer Warren Ellis Goes Direct Publishing!

November 4, 2009

This is a biggie!

Another experienced writer wakes up one day with that newfangled twenty-first century question: “Why would I want a publisher?”

It’s Warren Ellis, one of the very few writers whose blog I check more than once daily (and you should too).


Today I release SHIVERING SANDS, a book containing a selection of essays, articles, columns, rambles and jabberings that were written in various places on the internet over the last seven years or so. I publish it, with trusty mechanic Ariana Osborne, as the International Electrophonic Unit through the print-on-demand house Lulu. Regular readers will know that I’ve been talking about POD for months, and I thought it was time to try it out. This work has not been collected in one place before, and I think pretty much none of it has ever been on paper.


Brief notes: no plans yet for a digital edition: no, it won’t be in bookstores: no, I can’t sell or send you a signed copy: I have no copies of the book, they’re all sold through Lulu: we don’t set shipping prices: no intent to sell it through Amazon. There. Thanks for your attention.

Go read the preview material at Lulu.

You’ll laugh out loud and then yell SOLD! and then click the button for BuyBuyBuySendItToMeNowDammit!

Beautiful design and brilliant writing.

International Electrophonic Unit
Lulu sales link

And a PS to Warren, Arianna, and all of IEU: No digital book? Bwahahaha. We’ll have you doing that next year this time, my pretties! Oh yes we will. Start planning now.

eBook Notes For Wednesday, November 4, 2009

November 4, 2009

Digital books are coming on strong at the Apple App Store!

Click = big

Under New & Noteworthy there are four alone!

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