Syntron Android Mini-Tablet: 3G, 8.9″ Screen

Companies are beginning to use YouTube to pimp their products.

I haven’t seen this make news anywhere else (according to a Google search), so you’re seeing it here first.

Its the Mirror from Syntron. It boasts an 8.9″ screen, 3G, WiFi, and a multi-windowing modification of the Android OS.

What interests me is they’ve thought about eBooks. CoverFlow:

And Vook-like thinking:

See a video after the break.

Oh yes indeedy. 2010 is going to be The Year of the Android Mini-Tablets.

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3 Responses to Syntron Android Mini-Tablet: 3G, 8.9″ Screen

  1. […] Mirror Tablet Reader Posted on November 26, 2009 by switch11 Mike Cane has the scoop on the Syntron Tablet that’s based on Android, has an 8.9″ screen and fits the […]

  2. JOHN COLMAN says:

    wish to know when Mirror is available for review and purchase in US [Chicago]


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