iPhone: Read About It Or BE It?

When I have the time and remember, I do eBook/book news tweets.

Part of this coverage also encompasses some games for the iPhone/iPod Touch.


Because other books aren’t competing against other books for attention.

Books are competing against casual games on the iPhone/iPod Touch!

Take someone who doesn’t have an affinity for reading to begin with and which do you think they’d rather do? Read about Dracula or go hunt him down?

Game previews: Dracula: Path of the Dragon and Ravensword – iPhone / iPod Touch

I don’t think there has yet been a single eBook or digital book that can brag of this statistic: Multiplayer iPhone FPS Eliminate Pro shifts 500,000 downloads in under a week.

It’s also very telling that no one has even tried to do this for books: Want to know which iPhone apps are hot on Twitter?

Breaking through with a book is getting harder.

Only digital books offer an edge in this cut-throat environment.

2 Responses to iPhone: Read About It Or BE It?

  1. jenn topper says:

    Aren’t we talking about apples and oranges though? I’m about to get to your post below about seniors. They read a LOT. But are they *my* audience? Fuck no. I’d be scared to show my dad some of the stuff I wrote and he reads a book a day, literally. So I’m not every author and I recognize I can’t speak for everyone. But many authors who are self-publishing are those who can’t penetrate the gatekeeper biatches at the helm of the mainstream publishing industry.

    I think your point is excellent, that books aren’t competing with other books. In fact, selling books is really a great model, over games, because you [usually] only read a book once. Whereas with a game you play the same goddamned one over and over again.

    Banding together as authors and circumventing the backwards publishing industry to find creative ways to approach the marketplace–e.g., the iPhone or Year Zero Writers collective–rather than competing against one another is totally the way to go.


    • mikecane says:

      >>>But are they *my* audience? Fuck no.
      Why not? They’re old, not alien creatures!

      >>>I’d be scared to show my dad some of the stuff I wrote
      Trust me, he’s seen it all.

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