Adobe Flash And Digital Books

Adobe Flash for iPhone Represents Great Strides for eBook Industry, Says Largest Independent eBook Retailer BooksOnBoard

BooksOnBoard CEO Bob LiVolsi:

We believe that the digital book will ultimately evolve beyond the eBook as we know it — simply text transferred from print page to a screen — to something much more compelling with user-controlled animation, video, audio, internal links, etc. The digital book of the future – 3 to 5 years before a major shift – will be driven by content creators/authors that will put compelling creative content in a new and more readily absorbed form. Adobe’s software development roadmap is helping to enable that future.

However, it does remain to be seen what part Adobe Flash will play in the creation of digital books.

Three to five years is a very, very long duration in Internet Time.

And there is still Apple to be heard from in January.

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