Sony: How Can An eBook Go Missing?

A retweet popped up today re-announcing Sony’s rechristening of its eBook store to the Reader Store.

Why am I always baited like this?

Naturally, I go to investigate. This is my curse in life: curiosity.

I go look up Ken Bruen, because he’s a writer I like and I noticed earlier that the number of books of his carried by Sony is inexcusably low.

Screensnap from my earlier post:

So today I do a search for “Bruen, Ken” and I get this list:

Hey, that’s great! The number of titles has more than doubled.

Wait. WTF?

Where did Priest go?!

It’s still at Fictionwise and it’s still at the at Kindle Store.

So what the hell happened, Sony?

And are there other books that have gone missing too?

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