Two Android Mini-Tablets: Promising NEC But Avoid Smart Q5!

Earlier this month NEC showed off three models of a possible Android device, one of which is a take-along mini tablet.

I’m swiping one photo from the Akihibara News report because this is what some touch-enabled desktop computers will — foolishly — look like:

The wedge!

Go to the report to see photos of the grab-and-go mini-tablet mockup.

After the break, I have two videos.

What’s also interesting is that Akihibara News published a very frank assessment of the Smart Q5 mini-tablet. It contains this doozy:

[T]he SmartQ5 is as fast as a dead snail… Understand that I never saw, even in the Windows Mobile World, a device THAT slow… Well actually I saw slower devices but this was something like 3 to 4 years ago!

This is something Chippy of UMPC Portal warned me about being a possibility for the Camangi WebStation too. It seems, right now, only phone makers and Archos are really putting effort into optimizing Android. It takes some engineering effort to get a smooth experience for buyers:

I have the feeling that the so called engineers who worked on the SmartQ5 just made sure that Android ran on it and point… No OS optimization whatsoever!

That is Not Good.

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