The D In DIY

If you are not visiting the blog of Bob Lefsetz daily, you need to deduct at least ten points from your IQ self-estimation. Because reading Lefsetz will automatically add ten points.

Today he linked to a really great post. A detailed How We Did It post for the marketing of a band.

While all of the particulars are not applicable to writers, so many of them are that it’s worth your time to not simply read this post — but to thoroughly study it.

It shows the kind of work that will separate those who have a chance of success from those who will guarantee their own failure.

At Topspin we generally talk about three stages of development:

1. Creating awareness
2. Making connections
3. Monetizing

We sometimes hear artists complain: “Dammit! I’m not selling anything!” Usually it’s a result of skipping straight to #3 above and not concentrating enough on #1 and #2.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

And they’ve opened my eyes to one thing I’ve complained about in the past: asking for an email address.

I’m no longer going to complain about that. It makes sense to me now.

Go read or perish.

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