Think And Grow … Um, What?

People who read the Napoleon Hill classic Think and Grow Rich often wonder what the “secret” hidden inside of it is. I’ll cop to having been one of those people too when I read it years and years and years ago. But I re-read the book recently and It Was Right There.

And today Warren Ellis did a post that I get to rip off because it’s exactly the point Napoleon Hill was trying to get across.

Ready for the big reveal?

Here is the damned secret that seems to escape everyone:


If you’re not into reading Hill’s book — or re-reading it to confirm this — just hop over to this blog post for the short version of Hill’s message by someone else.

The genesis of that above brilliant poster can be found here.

Related to all this is a blog post by International Electrophonic Unit’s Ariana Osborne, who gives a bit of the behind the scenes of Warren Ellis’s available now now now new POD book, Shivering Sands.

She gives a bit of Napoleon Hill-like advice here:

If you’ve already started hyperventilating and thinking about typing up a scathing blog retort about how nothing’s worth doing without an advance (if only someone would pay you to start writing it) then I’m really very likely talking to you, and lemme just save you some time: your pingback isn’t even going to show up on my blog so I can pay you attention, so don’t bother.

So yeah.

You can sit on your ass.

Or get excited and make things.

Your choice.

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