Sony: Not All Words Allowed!

Of course I wind up pushing the envelope once again.

I’ve joined Sony’s new Words Move Me site.

But the first literary quote I put in flagged the bluenoses!

The quote was this:

I disliked them all immediately, sitting around acting clever and superior. They nullified each other. The worst thing for a writer is to know another writer, and worse than that, to know a number of other writers. Like flies on the same turd.

Women by Charles Bukowski

This is how it appears on Sony’s site:

Click = big

Now I ask you, which is worse? The word “turd” or making people think the actual word was “shit”?

Nevertheless, I went on to add nineteen snippets to the site:

Click = big

I’m mikecane there.

What I like about the site is the crawl of quotes on the main page:

Click = big

One other person has begun to add quotes too after I did.

It will be interesting to see if Sony leaves the Bukowski quote looking so damaged or if they’ll realize that “turd” is better than what people can imagine in their own filthy minds.

2 Responses to Sony: Not All Words Allowed!

  1. Patrick says:

    So why do you think "shit" is worse than "turd"? I can only assume that it is because you are an American and such differences excite your puritan senses.

    In the more developed parts of the world this is not an issue. I'm so glad we sent our puritans to America (or hell) back in the day. Better you than us. Maybe we should have sent them all to hell.

  2. Mike Cane says:

    >>>I can only assume that it is because you are an American

    I don't think you'll find "colour" or "humour" and other such British/Canadian spellings on this site.

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